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PhD Students

This is a great opportunity to do a PhD at University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand) in mechanical engineering under the supervision of Dr. David Denkenberger Director & Co-founder of ALLFED.

David is hiring multiple engineering PhD students to work at the University on topics related to ALLFED.



There is no coursework, so you can focus on effective research that is related to engineering.

Possible topics related to global catastrophic risks include analyzing a satellite communicating with regular cell phones, the cost and scale up capability of high-tech greenhouses, repurposing paper factories to turn leaves into protein and carbohydrate, impact on the energy system of sun obscuring catastrophes, recovering infrastructure as quickly as possible, cost and scaling of seaweed with reduced infrastructure and sunlight, providing home heating despite widespread loss of electricity, and logistics of food and feedstock transportation.

See more info and how to apply here!


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