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Talib E. Butt

Talib E. Butt is a Senior Lecturer (equivalent to associate professor in the US) (in the environment, engineering management) at the Northumbria University, England, UK.

His career covers both the construction/built and the natural environment. His multi- and inter-disciplinary studies, research and professional practice span over three decades, with work-experiences in the private/commercial, industrial, consultancy, public/government, voluntary and academic sectors. Predominantly, his career is in the risk assessment field, addressing both, natural and anthropogenic hazards.

Climate change and sustainability are cross-cutting themes of his career in both, academe and practice; and yet involving all the five spheres of the ‘total’ environment, including: lithosphere (land/soil), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), biosphere (human and other life) and technosphere/anthroposphere (human influences and developments).

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