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Prosenjit Ghosh

Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

Prosenjit Ghosh received PhD in Physics from the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. During his PhD, he conducted an experiment on mass spectrometric analysis of natural carbonates to unravel their environmental condition for deposition. Subsequently, he was IAEA- WMO Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany and then moved to Caltech as a postdoctoral researcher.

His contribution to the development of air CO2 standardsand its acceptance to the global community is an important contribution to be mentioned. While at Caltech his work on clumped isotope thermometryis highly cited and important milestone in Paleoclimate research. He spent a relatively short span of time at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan working a Assistant Professor prior to joining IISc as the first faculty in the Centre for Earth Sciences in the year 2007.

He currently is an Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Science Bangaloreand serves as adjunct faculty in the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Divecha Centre for Climate Change and Interdisciplinary Centre for Water Research. He is in charge of a stable isotope research group which is involved in a climate of the present, past and future. Students and researchers in the group are actively involved in projects linked with seasonal variability, climatic events, monitoring of trace gases and developing a technique for analysis of trace gases in air and water samples.

His research is regularly published in International journals (52 publications) and covered by the national press and news channel. He is the editorial board member of QSR, a journal dedicated to Quaternary climate research.

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