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Cameron Colby Thomson

CEO at Good Ancestor Foundation

Colby is an entrepreneur and technologist.  His work with ALLFED began with extending satellite based emergency communication systems to assist in resilience and food security during regional and global disasters.

Apart from running Good Ancestor Foundation (which includes a research farm in Vermont), he serves as long time director at the Human Rights Foundation focused on authoritarian governments, and open source ag-tech foundation Open Source Ecology.

Previously he served as Director of Strategy at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and served as CEO of Allied Strategy and Insuretech companies Honest Policy and SEMCAT corp, which included rating analysing and comparing insurance risk models.

During graduate school he served as a principal grant collaborator and system designer for a $15m consortium application to the Department of Homeland Defence for the 'Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response', focusing on building high uptime disaster resilient communication and infrastructure systems.


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