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Daniel Morgan Rivers

Research Associate, Data Scientist

Morgan obtained his degree in engineering physics from Tufts University and completed graduate coursework in experimental physics at MIT, while working as an electro-optic engineer in Cambridge, Mass. At ALLFED, he has used his background modelling of physical systems to develop open-source models of the failure of complex systems, including the food system and the global high-voltage electrical grid.

In addition to evaluating the influence of geomagnetic storms on the global power grid and modelling the potential for resilient foods to aid in food production in an abrupt sunlight scenario, Morgan has aided in developing foundational research on global backup communication systems after a widespread communication system failure, the effect of pandemics on the US food supply chain, expected crop yields in a loss of industry and severe nuclear winter scenario, and the effects of the emerging digital transformation on the fragility and anti-fragility of critical infrastructure.


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