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Amanda Cassidy

CRM Manager

Amanda started her career serving in the Royal Navy from the age of 16, specialising in all aspects of radar operation, from air traffic control to surface to air weapons systems.

After the Royal Navy, she embarked on a variety of civilian roles, both in the charity and commercial sectors. 

During the era, she assisted in launching the world’s 1st online newspaper down ISDN lines. She went on to set up her own telecommunications brokerage advising FT100 companies how to best manage their communications. Later on, she went on to lend her organizational and communication skills to The European Newspaper, University College London, The Discovery Channel, Barclays de Zoete Wedd and others. 

Amanda then turned her focus to social enterprise and diversity work creating safe social spaces in central London for minority groups, with her most recent venue climbing to right to the top of London’s Tripadvisor rankings. 

She currently lives in her 40sq ft tiny overland house on the back of her 4×4 GM truck exploring North America and connecting with resilience communities while working remotely for the ALLFED operations team.

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