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Sonia Cassidy

Director of Operations, Director of Communications

With a varied career spanning social enterprise, management and leadership, Sonia is the key liaison between ALLFED’s 2 co-founders and our organisational linchpin.

With a particular interest in SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Business Continuity, Sonia has helped to pioneer SME BCM in the UK both through her contributions to Continuity (the magazine of the Business Continuity Institute) and her own ventures and practice. During the 2005 London bombings (7/7) hers was reportedly “the only business open in Covent Garden”  with the Kings Cross and Russel Square victims finding refuge at the time of chaos.

Sonia brings to ALLFED strong international operational and project management skills as well as a solid understanding of business continuity, finance, HR, PR, crisis management and communications. She has been featured as one of Future of Life Institute's "Women for the Future". 

As of December 2021, Sonia has been serving in a dual operations and communications role, and is a key member of ALLFED's Response Team.


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