Thank you for your interest in donating to ALLFED! 

Your support provides the vital funding so we can grow and fund further research to increase the chance everyone will be fed.
We now accept crypto! If you’ve been inspired by Vitalik Buterin, you can donate your ETH or ERC20 memecoins to 0x1d08466ACfB66D6c10572cbf729684a0b3497C92.
This is a 2/3 multisig Ethereum wallet controlled by our Trustees. Any unwanted ERC20 tokens greatly appreciated!

Do you live in the UK or the Netherlands?

Your donation to ALLFED is charitable and qualifies for Tax Relief/Gift Aid in England and Wales (Charity Number 1149828) and the Netherlands (ANBI Number 825776867) through a sponsored partner project with the Centre for Effective Altruism.

Please carefully follow all instructions to ensure 100% of your gift is directed to ALLFED.

Do you live in Canada?

In Canada you can make a tax deductible donation through RC Forward, a project of Rethink Charity.

All money given through the RC Forward platform will be routed to CHIMP: Charitable Impact Foundation, a registered charity in Canada (BN 84552 8827 RR0001).

Do you live in the US or rest of the world?

In the USA, ALLFED USA is operating as a project of Players Philanthropy Fund, a Maryland charitable trust recognized by IRS as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178).

Contributions to ALLFED USA are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We are happy to provide a tax donation letter on request; please contact us as needed.