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Director of Communications

This is a key management role which will be pivotal to ALLFED and our ability to successfully deliver on our mission. This is a key strategic role. As the person in charge of all aspects of communications, you will work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders, including governments and the media. This includes review/oversight on all outreach materials and engagement processes, as well as proposed drafted legislation and endorsements. 

As we work with global catastrophic risks, experience and confidence with crisis communications are essential for this role. Alongside your fellow directors, you will also participate in ALLFED’s crisis response.

As Director of Communications, you will work closely with our Director of Operations and Director of Research, as well as a range of external consultants. 


ALLFED was founded in 2017 as a 501(c)(3) project (US-UK collaboration), and operated as a fiscally sponsored project in its initial years.  In 2021-2022, we became a registered 501(c)(3) charity in the USA and also gained an independent charitable status in the UK in 2023. In early 2023, we additionally registered ALLFED AUS. 

In line with ALLFED’s growth, our current Director of Communications has recently accepted a Board Director appointment and is looking to recruit a replacement. She expects to remain at ALLFED in a senior management role.  

As there is no immediate time pressure, this role will remain open until filled. The first recruitment round will take place 15 Aug-Oct 2023, and will be repeated as needed.

The ideal timeline would see us completing the recruitment process at the end of September, with the candidate starting in October 2023 (a phased-in part-time start is possible to learn the ropes and ensure a smooth handover). The new Director of Communications would ideally take over from January 2024.


Any /  Home (flexible arrangement, remote flexi working).

Duration and Hours:

This role can be started as either part-time or full time (and expected to be a full time role going forward).  You will mostly be able to set your own work time, however, some communications needs - notably global team calls and crisis communications - will mean out of hours work (sometimes very early or late) will require flexibility.


 To be agreed based on scope and experience.

Reports To:

Outgoing Director of Communications (initially)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Establish and drive a multi-channel communications strategy.
  • Develop ALLFED’s audience and stakeholder analysis and approaches.
  • Develop and implement stakeholder-specific communications and campaigns.
  • Take a lead role in partnership-building and information dissemination, e.g. working with think tanks to further awareness of tail risk food security.
  • Work through the various angles of contentious concepts and develop appropriate communications strategies and response while ensuring appropriate handling of sensitive information.
  • Manage media relations and develop contacts with media members, influencers, and community leaders.
  • Track coverage and engagement across various platforms, make data-driven decisions, evaluate and report impact.
  • Activate, participate in and, where appropriate, lead ALLFED’s crisis response team.
  • Develop ALLFED’s branding and voice; ensure brand integrity across all ALLFED entities and platforms.
  • Prepare and manage all digital, video, audio and print communications materials.
  • Contribute to  ALLFED’s fundraising and philanthropy engagement.
  • Manage presence at conferences,  industry events, and other engagements.
  • Lead a team of communication, marketing, and design professionals.
  • Champion communications within a broader ALLFED team.
  • Develop and deliver communications training incl. media training.
  • Create communications budget and ensure compliance.

Essential (must have):


  • A degree in communications, journalism, public relations, marketing, management, crisis management, English, social sciences, or other relevant disciplines.
  • Significant experience in communications, marketing or public relations.
  • Significant management and leadership experience.
  • Experience in media handling, management and engagement. 
  • Experience in crisis communications.
  • Experience in science,  resilience, disaster or risk communications (or communications in another area directly relevant to ALLFED’s work).
  • Experience in brand building and development.
  • Experience in impact monitoring and evaluation.
  • A track record of successful stakeholder engagement with a variety of stakeholders including industry, governments and policy makers.
  • A track record of building and leading a communications team.


  • Exemplary oral and written English; a confident and captivating speaker, an engaging writer and an excellent proofreader.
  • Excellent understanding of the art and science of communications; comfortable with both traditional and unorthodox approaches.
  • Strong analytical and reporting skills, passionate about assessing and monitoring impact of ALLFED’s burgeoning communications projects. 
  • Proficiency at designing, executing, monitoring and evaluating innovative communications campaigns across all media and communication channels.
  • A good understanding of copywriting, graphic design, layout, and publishing; a good eye for design and attention to detail.
  • Creativity and imagination to produce engaging content and innovative products.
  • Ability to produce and deliver engaging presentations including government briefings.
  • Ability to contribute to grant writing, fund applications, and donor communications.
  • Awareness of existential risks.
  • Openness to trailblazing ideas and unrattled by controversial concepts.


  • Passion for building ALLFED’s reputation as a cutting-edge research and resilience organization.
  • Proficiency in networking, alliance-building and relationship development (incl. solid maintenance of records using CRMs and other relationship-building tools).
  • A strong strategist with a vision for where alliances and growth opportunities could best serve the organization and increase impact.
  • An avid collector of evidence of impact, contacts, endorsements and testimonials.


  • Ability to build, lead and inspire a team of communications associate(s), consultants, volunteers and collaborators as well as a broader ALLFED team.
  • Organizational skills and the ability to multitask and prioritize projects while working on a deadline or in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to manage conflict and crises; handles stressful situations well.
  • Mindfulness of any relevant compliance and regulatory requirements including copyright laws.
  • Familiarity with GDPR, privacy and data protection.


  • Proficiency in all manners of communications technologies.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office and similar tools e.g. Gdocs.
  • Good knowledge of writing, editing and note-taking tools including dictation. 
  • Good knowledge of a variety of digital platforms including social media.
  • Good working knowledge of Google Workspace.
  • Good working knowledge of project management and budgeting tools.
  • Experience with newsletter and mass-communications platforms.
  • Experience with search engine marketing, google alerts, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords.
  • Experience with content management, CRM and network mapping systems.
  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud, audio and video recording and editing.


  • A motivated self-starter happy to work remotely by themself.
  • Good working knowledge and experience with online collaboration and project management tools.
  • Excellent record-keeping abilities to ensure smooth flow of information.
  • Access to reliable high speed internet including backup communication capabilities as needed (e.g. Starlink if you are a nomad or in a location where the internet is unreliable).
  • A computer of a reasonable performance standard (we recommend 16GB RAM or higher due to the media and crisis communications components of this role).
  • A headset (microphone + headphones) for calls.
  • Quality video recording, lighting, and audio recording capabilities (for interviews).
  • Good IT security (for handling sensitive content).

Desirable (nice to have):

  • Further languages at an advanced level (bilingual/multilingual).
  • An advanced degree (from the list in must-haves).
  • Dual degree in a communications-related field and a science field.
  • Minimum 7-10 years of experience in communications, marketing or public relations.
  • High level experience in a director role or similar.
  • A nice, fat book of media contacts.
  • Experience in food, or food sciences communications.
  • Experience in GCR communications.
  • Understanding of effective altruism or experience in working with effective altruism-aligned organizations.
  • Understanding of social sciences and behavioral psychology.
  • Understanding of policy, lobbying and workings of governments.
  • Understanding of intellectual property and licensing matters.
  • Understanding of legislation, compliance, risks.
  • Industry, agritech, philanthropy, governments, and/or international institutions experience and contacts.
  • Experience in risk, preparedness, resilience, response, rescue and recovery.
  • Experience in setting up and managing communications systems and cascades.
  • Experience or connections with the speciality foods and restaurant sector.
  • Familiarity with The Chicago Manual of Style (ALLFED’s current standard).
  • Familiarity with NVC (nonviolent communications).
  • Digital graphics, video and audio production skills.
  • Coding (API, Python) skills, including integrations and automations.
  • Ability to use a fax machine and a cassette tape recorder.
  • HAM radio license or general familiarity with HAM radios and radio systems.
  • Familiarity with Garmin inReach and satellite communications.
  • A background knowledge of construction or engineering (hands-on experience will help).
  • An interest in specialty foods, farming, cooking, brewing or baking (we can even send you some fun ingredients to play with :). 

Further information

Round 1 of recruitment is currently in progress, however, you may still submit applications.

To apply for this role, please complete the Director of Communications Expression of Interest form in the first instance (you will need to confirm consent to process your personal information from the email you will receive). 

After your HR record has been created, you will automatically receive a link to your application form. The 2-step application process helps us to ensure blind recruitment by keeping your personal details separate from your application. 


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