CRM Administrator

We are looking for an experienced CRM Administrator to join our team!

You will play a key role in our organizational development and fundraising work by helping to design, build and manage ALLFED’s CRM database(s) using the Greenrope CRM system.


Remote / home working.
Some in-person meetings if you’re based in London/UK.

Duration and Hours:

  • This role is ongoing.
  • This role can be part time or full time, in the range of 20 to 40 hours per week.


To be agreed based on scope and experience

Reports To:

ALLFED CRM Manager / Project Lead

Job Description:

The CRM Administrator is responsible for the overall administration and support of our
Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system and its users. The CRM Administrator
will support day-to-day running of the CRM, maintaining the databases to the highest
standards of accuracy, run timely data imports and exports, and provide accurate and
timely data selections/segmentation for supportive communication activities across our

The successful candidate must have some IT and digital skills but is not necessarily a
technologist. Instead, they are a person with a good understanding of how a CRM should
and can be utilized across the organization. They should be an advocate for the CRM
within ALLFED, inspire the team about CRM uses and possibilities, and help to
appropriately support the team to expand the CRM’s use.

Additionally, a person in this role should take the matters of data management and data
integrity seriously and be fully committed to maintaining appropriate levels of data
protection and confidentiality, in line with European and US data protection laws.

This is an involved role in CRM development. We are not seeking someone to simply
monitor the database and make slight adjustments for performance. Similarly, we are not
seeking someone to simply complete data entry.

Key Responsibilities:

CRM Design

  • Assisting with the CRM design to deliver maximum efficiency and impact for
    ALLFED CRM internal and external stakeholders
  • Actively working with colleagues at all levels of the organization to
    • assess and advise on CRM requirements
    • identify how the CRM can best meet team members’ specific needs
    •  design new features and workflows
    • design dashboards and analytics visualizations
    • identify opportunities for streamlining ALLFED’s activities through better
      use of the CRM

CRM Implementation

  • Identifying, creating, and modifying workflow automation and flows/processes.
  • Making changes and updates to groups, tags, page layouts, and custom fields to enable relevant information to be gathered and reported.
  • Maintaining the integrity and quality of the database by carrying out regular
    maintenance, audits, and software updates.
  • Cleaning up and consolidating CRM data, while complying with any data security
    and management policies and procedures.
  • Managing users and their security profiles and ensuring sensitive information is

CRM Project Coordination

  • Assisting with the CRM Change Management program to inform and inspire all
    stakeholders about the system, including its benefits, design, build and
    implementation process
  • Helping to monitor and manage milestones, tasks, and deliverables of the CRM
  • Overseeing the documentation of all development work
  • Creating and modifying reports and dashboards for management information
  • Providing regular overview reports and analysis on our data for the organization

CRM Admin / Help Desk

  • Managing the CRM help desk, keeping an up-to-date log of all CRM issues and
  • Troubleshooting any configuration errors and/or issues occurring within the CRM
    (in collaboration with appropriate CRM experts and help desk teams).
  • Assisting with import and export of CRM data.
  • Making sure our data is secure and is backed up regularly.

CRM Training

  • Taking an active interest in and researching new functionality in Greenrope CRM
    releases and their relevance and value to ALLFED.
  • Facilitating and delivering CRM training to users to ensure that the CRM is used
    effectively and consistently throughout ALLFED.
  • Becoming ALLFED’s “go-to” expert for all CRM queries and ideas for development,
    proactively identifying areas for improvement and suggesting changes,
    translating our needs into briefs for either our third-party developers or for our
    team to deliver in-house.

Essential (must have):

For all ALLFED roles

  • A mature, open-minded, and can-do attitude - we are trying to help feed the world!
  • Self-motivated, reliable, hard-working, able to get along with people,
  • Awareness of ALLFED’s work and mission
  • Comfortable with working remotely.
  • Access to high speed Internet, headset + webcam.
  •  Good English language skills, both spoken and written.

Specific to this role

  •  An excellent level of overall IT literacy.
  • Strong spreadsheet skills, with an ability to use Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
    at an intermediate level as a minimum.
  • Previous experience in a CRM and/or digital and/or end-user tech support role.
  • Methodical approach and excellent attention to detail.
  • Able to multitask and maintain multiple work streams.
  • Security-conscious and able to maintain absolute confidentiality of sensitive
    information and data.
  • Familiarity with general project management principles and methodologies.
  • Able to prioritize tasks to deliver the required outputs to the agreed timelines.
  • Able to work with people with varying needs, personalities, and technical abilities.
  • Customer-service-oriented approach to service delivery

Personal Qualities

  • Excited about the possibilities of the CRM and its transformational power.
  • Creative, innovative, and inspirational.
  • Discreet and privacy-minded.
  • Flexible and adaptable, able to work in a dynamic, evolving organization

Desirable (Nice to have):

  • At least one year of experience working with databases, data procedures, and data
    administration, or a proven strong knowledge of database management.
  • A degree (completed or currently in progress) in CRMs, data management,
    computer science, or a related information-technology field.
  • Project management qualifications and/or experience.
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel for data manipulation and analysis.
  • Knowledge of CSS or HTML, and/or knowledge of APIs.
  • Good understanding of current data protection legislation in the UK and US.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please direct any
questions and/or applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
stating the role you are applying for in the subject line.


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