Catastrophe Planning

We organise catastrophe planning exercises (also called War Gaming, but to be clear this is about saving lives and preventing war). These exercises allow people to explore the potential impact of global catastrophic events, in safe learning environments and how we might respond to them. This increases awareness of the risk and enables planning and response to reduce the potential impact of a global catastrophic event.

​Our last catastrophe planning exercise was on 6th September in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can find out more here.

Past Catastrophe Planning Events


September 2016 Scenario Planning for Global Agricultural Catastrophes Workshop at the 6th International Disaster and Risk Conference, Davos, Switzerland

August 2016       Scenario Planning for Global Agricultural Catastrophes Workshop at Effective Altruism Global, Berkeley, CA.

August 2016       Scenario Planning for Global Agricultural Catastrophes Workshop at Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN.

These workshops were catastrophe planning events and used scenarios based on full scale nuclear war. The outcome of the workshops suggested that without planning most scenarios ended in civilisation collapse, however with preparation, while there were still significant problems that we need address through future research & planning but civilisation would continue and reduced loss of life.