ALLFED Catastrophe Planning Event, Gothenburg, Sept 6 2017

ALLFED Catastrophe Planning Event, Gothenburg, Sept 6 2017

On 6th September, we are ran a pre conference event at  “Existential risk to humanity” Conference at the GoCAS (Gothenburg Centre for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology). It was a one day catastrophe planning exercise, in Gothenburg, to explore the impact of a shock to the global food production system.

The UK Government estimates that there is an 80% chance of floods and droughts on multiple continents causing a 10% global shortfall of food production capability this century. A similar magnitude catastrophe occurred in 1816 with the “year without a summer” caused by a volcanic eruption. An event like this now is likely to kill more people and create more refugees than any other past catastrophe. Furthermore, there is an ~10% chance this century of the sun being blocked by a comet/asteroid impact, supervolcanic eruption, or nuclear war causing the burning of cities (nuclear winter). Our research tells us that further research and planning can have a significant impact on the number of lives lost in a food shock scenario.

We invited  a group of academics, representatives from corporations, government and other interested people to explore the potential impact of such an event and our potential responses.

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Event Details:

When:     9.30am-5pm 6th September 2017 (morning  agricultural collapse, afternoon 10% shortfall)

​Where: Chalmers University of Technology,  Campus  Johanneberg,  Gothenburg, Sweden​