Research Priorities

Research Goals

This is a breakdown of the long and short-term goals and questions that our research team seeks to answer, and the associated scenarios that precipitate the need for such research.

Alternate Food Without The Sun Priorities

  • Agricultural catastrophe response plan for UN/US/UK/others
  • Cost-effectiveness of saving civilization and/or the human species with alternate food without sun
  • Cost-effectiveness of saving civilization and or the human species with alternate food without industry
  • Technical analysis for saving most lives given a regional electricity/industry loss
  • UV tolerance in plants experiment for nuclear winter
  • Business case for a corporation (including reinsurers) funding global preparation
  • Cost estimates for municipal collection of food waste, cellulose digesters eating agricultural residues
  • Cost estimates for fishing with catastrophe caused upwelling; agricultural residues turned into leaf extract, brown liquid for noncellulose digesters, enzymatic sugar, and cellulose digesters eating leftover; methane digesting bacteria
  • Behavior change for conserving food (sleeping, exercise, working, weight loss, taking antibiotics, etc)
  • Genetic engineering of plants to handle nuclear winter in the tropics cost and economics
  • Attain a better estimate of stock of cellulose-digesting insects